Discover the initiatives implemented by the developers of the website to make it accessible.’s web accessibility

The Tanaguru website has been developed by us with accessibility at the heart of our actions.

In order to do so, we have taken care:

  • to code valid HTML source code;
  • to structure each page with headings and semantics;
  • to ensure that keyboard navigation is functional and visible;
  • to follow contrast rules so that the content is readable;
  • to allow the enlargement of font sizes via the browser;
  • etc.

In order to ease your navigation, mechanisms have also been put in place such as:

  • a “Go to content” skip link allowing you to skip the website header and go directly to the main content of the page;
  • a “Site map” page available in the footer;
  • a search engine available in the website’s header;
  • a main navigation menu with similar behaviour, on mobile phones, tablets and large screens, the functioning of which is detailed below.

Main navigation menu behaviour

On a large screen, on a tablet and on a mobile phone, the main navigation menu located in the header of the website has been designed to have a similar behaviour with the following characteristics:

  • First level elements are buttons that open and close submenus containing links to other pages on the site;
  • the Space and Enter keys open and close the submenus by pressing the buttons;
  • the Esc key closes an open submenu and shifts the focus back to the button corresponding to that submenu;
  • when you open a submenu and use the Tab key or the Shift + Tab key combination to navigate, if you exit the submenu, it automatically closes without any action on your part;
  • depending on the size of your screen, especially on a tablet and mobile device, or if you use the functionality of your browser to enlarge the font size, it is possible that the menu items are located in a hidden menu and made visible by the action of a new “Menu” button located in the site header.

Improvement points identified

In order to improve the accessibility of the site, we are currently working on the relevance between the navigation menu and the following elements of the site:

  • the “Site map” page;
  • the breadcrumb trail that is available on the entire website.

Having an accessibility issue?

If, however, you encounter any accessibility problems, contact us at with the subject “Accessibility problem on” or send us a message through our Online contact form detailing the problem encountered so that we can help you.