Accessible web content edition

This training course will allow you to better understand digital accessibility and to acquire the knowledge to take it into account in web content edition. It is divided into 2 phases:

  • A quick intervention to raise awareness of digital accessibility;
  • A presentation of best editorial accessibility practices (with practical work).

Duration: 1 day

Number of people: 6 to 10 attendees


  • Having followed one training course on raising awareness on web accessibility;
  • Experience in content writing;
  • No technical background required.


  • Understanding the role of content writers in the production process;
  • Anticipating content accessibility needs (infographics, video, PDF);
  • Acquiring the required knowledge to respect the web accessibility criteria when writing accessible content.

Training plan


  • Using colours and contrasts correctly:
    • Handling of assessment and simulation tools on participants’ websites.
  • Formatting content in an accessible way:
    • Text format: alignment, letter case…
  • Writing accessible links:
    • Link titles and labels;
    • Link presentation and formatting;
    • Download links;
    • Links opening in a new window;
    • Handling of assessment and simulation tools on participants’ websites.
  • Using images in an accessible way:
    • Rules for inserting images and their alternatives;
    • Images of text;
    • Images in links;
    • Manipulation of assessment and simulation tools on participants’ websites.


  • Writing accessible content:
    • Content language and language changes;
    • Structuring headings and lists;
    • Marking quotations;
    • Abbreviations and definitions;
    • Manipulation of verification tools on participants’ websites.
  • Using data tables in an accessible way:
    • Structuring data tables.
  • Studying the multimedia accessibility criteria:
    • Visual and sound animations:
      • Sound and visual animation controls;
      • Brightness changes and flash effects;
      • Videos, transcripts, subtitles and audio description.

The work may be based on concrete needs of the various participants or on current topics in the definition of content.