Accessible web content edition

Duration: 1 day

This training course will allow you to better understand digital accessibility and to acquire the knowledge to take it into account in web content edition. It is divided into 2 phases:

  • A quick intervention to raise awareness of digital accessibility;
  • A presentation of best editorial accessibility practices (with practical work).


  • Having followed one training course on raising awareness on web accessibility;
  • Experience in content writing;
  • No technical background required.


  • Understanding the role of content writers in the production process;
  • Anticipating content accessibility needs (infographics, video, PDF);
  • Acquiring the required knowledge to respect the web accessibility criteria when writing accessible content.

Training plan


  • Using colours and contrasts correctly:
    • Handling of assessment and simulation tools on participants’ websites.
  • Formatting content in an accessible way:
    • Text format: alignment, letter case…
  • Writing accessible links:
    • Link titles and labels;
    • Link presentation and formatting;
    • Download links;
    • Links opening in a new window;
    • Handling of assessment and simulation tools on participants’ websites.
  • Using images in an accessible way:
    • Rules for inserting images and their alternatives;
    • Images of text;
    • Images in links;
    • Manipulation of assessment and simulation tools on participants’ websites.


  • Writing accessible content:
    • Content language and language changes;
    • Structuring headings and lists;
    • Marking quotations;
    • Abbreviations and definitions;
    • Manipulation of verification tools on participants’ websites.
  • Using data tables in an accessible way:
    • Structuring data tables.
  • Studying the multimedia accessibility criteria:
    • Visual and sound animations:
      • Sound and visual animation controls;
      • Brightness changes and flash effects;
      • Videos, transcripts, subtitles and audio description.

The work may be based on concrete needs of the various participants or on current topics in the definition of content.