Automatizing accessibility tests with Tanaguru Engine

Duration: 1 day

The objective of this training is to master the Tanaguru Engine tool and to understand the stakes involved in the automation of accessibility tests.


  • Having followed one training course on raising awareness on web accessibility;
  • Knowing HTML well.


  • Acquiring the necessary knowledge to carry out accessibility audits with Tanaguru Engine;
  • Understanding the value of different types of audits;
  • Knowing how to read and understand a Tanaguru Engine audit;
  • Discovering the advantages and limitations of accessibility automation.

Training plan

  • Reminder on accessibility assessment methods
  • Why industrializing accessibility?
    • Overview of market tools;
    • The Tanaguru Engine solution;
    • The scope of coverage of the RGAA 4 2019 reference guidelines.
  • The functionalities of Tanaguru Engine:
    • Page audit;
    • Site audit;
    • File audit;
    • Scenario audit.
  • How to understand Tanaguru Engine’s results?
    • Verifying that the audited page is the one you wanted to analyse;
    • Processing pre-qualified results.
  • Audit options:
    • Tanaguru Engine markers;
    • Audit according to the screen resolution;
    • Disengaging contract limits;
    • Managing asynchronous sites.
  • The advantages and limitations of the solution;
  • Creating a scenario:
    • Firefox & SeBuilder;
    • Recording the scenario;
    • Scenario verification;
    • Advanced Use;
    • The limits of scenario creation.
  • What actions need to be taken to go further?
    • How to reach 100% with Tanaguru Engine;
    • What to do once you have reached 100% with Tanaguru Engine.