Design accessible user interfaces

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Accessibility step by step!

Duration: 1 day

This training allows a better understanding of digital accessibility and to acquire the knowledge to take it into account in the design (design and ergonomics) of projects.


  • Be aware of web accessibility
  • To be proficient in web interfaces design (either UI design or UX design)
  • No technical background required


  • Acquire the necessary knowledge to take all users into account from the design stage in compliance with the RGAA
  • Respect accessibility rules relating to ergonomics and graphical aspects
  • Understand the role of designers in achieving a web project’s accessibility

Training plan

  1. Common misconceptions about web accessibility
  2. Principles of universal design;
  3. Perception and understanding:
    • Typography readability;
    • Colours and contrasts;
    • Texts and symbols;
  4. Links and navigation:
    • Navigation:
      • Navigation menus;
      • Skip links;
    • Links and buttons:
      • Explicit link and button titles;
      • Links signage : external links, download links, etc. ;
      • Clicking areas;
  5. Forms and interaction:
    • Forms usability;
    • Mandatory fields;
    • Input help and assistance;
    • Error messages and confirmation messages;
  6. Content display:
    • Media (audio, video) ;
    • Text transcripts;
    • Data and information tables.