Fast checking a web document’s accessibility

Installation, training courses...
Accessibility step by step!

Duration: 0.5 day

Learn how to check the accessibility of deliverables, using automatic tools, repositories or a third-party provider.


  • Having followed a training course raising awareness on web accessibility;
  • Experience in content writing;
  • No technical background required.


  • To know how to assess an in-process web document’s accessibility;
  • To know how to run acceptance tests about a website’s accessibility;
  • Be self-sufficient in assessing accessibility.

Training plan

  • Automatizing tests:
    • Presentation of tests automatizing tools;
    • Practical testing, reading of the results and organization of asked corrections.
  • Complementary manual checking:
    • Presentation of tools and practical testing in:
      • Checking that information is present;
      • Checking the usability and keyboard navigation.
  • Checking the alternatives’ relevancy.