Raise awareness of web accessibility

Installation, training courses...
Accessibility step by step!

Duration: 1/2 day

Initiation to better understand the challenges and the means of web accessibility, as well as each other’s role in the website production process.


  • General knowledge about the web
  • No technical background required
  • No web accessibility knowledge required


  • Understanding the issues faced by people with disabilities when they browse the web
  • Understanding web accessibility
  • Understanding the challenges and the value of web accessibility standards

Training plan

  1. What are the users’ struggles?
    • Demo : how does a blind person browse the Internet?
    • Diversity of disability situations
  2. What is web accessibility?
    • Definition and challenges
    • Demo and usage of assistive technologies : screen magnifier, vocal restitution, keyboard navigation etc.
    • Un bénéfice pour tous
  3. How to?
    • Cross-cutting approach
    • Presentation of the legal frameworks (French and international)
    • Current standards (RGAA, WCAG)
    • Presentation of tools (technical and methodologies)

Our options: this training can be conducted in pairs with a person with a disability; awareness raising is based on demonstration and practical experience.