Web project accessibility management

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Accessibility step by step!

Duration: 1 day

This training allows you to acquire the guidelines to manage the accessibility of a web project, at each step (consultation, specifications, follow-up of service providers, actions to be planned in design, manufacturing, acceptance…).


  • General knowledge of the web
  • Having followed one training to raise awareness of web accessibility
  • No technical background required


  • To know the accessibility criteria in terms of quality and to be able to evaluate some of them.
  • To be able to manage the integration of accessibility at the different stages of a Web project.
  • To have indicators and orders of magnitude of cost and complexity.
  • Identify the issues and key elements to successfully take accessibility into account.

Training plan


  • Reminder on the legal framework:
    • International standard (WCAG);
    • Current French standard (RGAA).
  • Cross-cutting approach
  • Accessible content edition:
    • Reminder on the rules to edit accessible content (headings hierarchy, links etc.);
    • Images alternatives and other media.
  • Checking the accessibility:
    • Presentation of tools (technical and methodologies) and reference documents;
    • Automatizing tests: presentation of automatizing tools;
    • Manual checking: practical exercise to run simple and quick manual tests.


  • Compliance with the law:
    • How to run acceptance tests on web accessibility? When to ask for an expert audit?
    • Understanding the challenges and the differences between the web accessibility declaration (compliance) and the web accessibility label/certification.
  • Production follow-up :
    • The developer’s tools;
    • Production follow-up.
  • Understanding the challenges at a Purchasing department level in order to take accessibility into account as soon as possible:
    • Writing requirements specifications;
    • Choosing the provider.