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By Équipe Tanaguru, 21 October 2016

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Tanaguru shares an improved, bilingual and responsive version of RGAA!

The Tanaguru team daily and abundantly use RGAA, the reference document for web accessibility in France. This is available online on the official website of reference documents of french state IT shop. But we needed a more handy version, in the pocket and multilingual. So we did it.

Screen shot of

The new website offers:

  • the latest update of RGAA,
  • translated into English,
  • with stable and durable URLs, which allow precise and refer directly to the criteria, tests and other specific terms, without the risk of broken links when updates the repository,
  • all responsive, to consult on mobile, tablet or smartphone, and can thus take the RGAA anywhere.

The RGAA is released under an open license, which allows reproduction, modification and redistribution. This allows us to offer a version that better meet our needs. And share it with you. Enjoy!

If you detect errors, if you have suggestions or if you would like to contribute, please visit our Github repository.