Standardize your accessibility tests with Tanaguru Engine

Checking the accessibility of a site can be long and tedious, at the level of a web agency or organization it becomes impossible to audit all the pages produced.

Tanaguru Engine allows you to automatically check the accessibility of your websites, intranet and business applications. The tool fully or partially automates approximately 180 accessibility tests from the RGAA (French General Accessibility Reference Framework for Administrations), AccessiWeb and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Even if automation does not allow to check all the tests, the audit of a page only takes a few seconds. This ensures that the basic elements of web accessibility are respected, including the presence of alternatives, good HTML writing rules, the presence of labels for form fields, etc.

Several types of web accessibility analyses for all uses.

The evaluation of a page, an entire site or a web application is reliable, intuitive and itself accessible.

Tanaguru Engine analyses templates and web pages

Templates in the process of being created can be audited even before they are put into production. HTML files are evaluated instantly. It is also possible to test the accessibility of a web page or group of web pages.

Tanaguru Engine analyses entire sites.

Thanks to its exploration robot, Tanaguru Engine browses the entire site. Institutional portal, blog or showcase site, measure the accessibility of 10,000 pages in a few clicks!

Tanaguru Engine analyses user paths or purchase tunnels

Validate JavaScript applications, intranets or the purchase path of an e-commerce site. The scenario audit even allows you to control several states on the same page. All this through Selenium scripts.

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Tanaguru Engine is an Open Source tool under AGPL3 license.