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Our web accessibility offer

Since 2010, Oceane Consulting has been developing its web accessibility consulting offer. The web accessibility team is known under the name “Tanaguru” since 2015. Our approach to web accessibility is global and is driven by:

  • The disability expertise: Our thorough knowledge regarding disabilities enables us to work with all users. We also have technical skills regarding the assistive tools and technologies used by people with disabilities.
  • A team of certified experts: The Tanaguru team is multi-disciplinary and gathers different profiles such as expert consultants, project managers, ergonomists, UX designers, developers, Java engineers. The web accessibility team can also rely on Oceane Consulting’s teams as they can provide expertise and knowledge on various technologies (CMS, frameworks…).
  • Research and development: Keep an eye out for the latest change in the web industry allows us to better anticipate companies’ needs regarding the implementation of web accessibility in their process. Within a flexible environment in keeping with budget and deadline matters, web accessibility is a shared concern. Therefore we will know how to adapt our speech, our methodology and our tools to your needs.