Developping websites

With its multidisciplinary skills, the Tanaguru team offers to carry out your accessible website developments.

Today, few agencies are trained or have expertise in web accessibility. Using a traditional agency for an accessible project will then generate additional costs for team training or the support of accessibility experts. This feedback has given rise to the preconceived idea that accessibility would be costly to implement. This idea is partially true. Indeed, accessibility has a cost but it can be managed and strongly lowered by integrating it natively into your projects.

At Tanaguru, these additional costs are minimized thanks to a trained and experienced team, for whom accessibility in itself is not a subject: it is an inherent part of our intentions and therefore of our development processes.
Accessibility is not our only concern, our team also has Web Quality skills that allow us to take your projects even further.

This is why, used to supporting web projects and adding project workload (training, audit, consulting, acceptance), the Tanaguru team offers accessible development services. And with our network of partners on the graphic part, we can handle your small and medium projects with a strong appetite for PHP projects (Drupal or WordPress).

Our projects in a few words

Discover some development projects made by the Tanaguru team